Green My Fleet Converts Lee County School Bus to run on Vegetable Oil

By Sarah Pusateri

Cape Coral- 
For over a year now Martha Ekdahl , a senior at Ida Baker High, has been working full throttle raising funds in the community and researching the technology to convert a diesel run school bus, into one that runs on vegetable oil. 

With help from school officials, Ekdahl asked local businesses to help fund the project and raised 36 hundred dollars.

She says the new fuel source will actually cut costs by around 12 percent.

Melissa Ekdahl says, "It’s like a completion of a dream, you know?"

And while this is her last year at Ida Baker High, she hopes this won’t be her last bus she’ll have a hand in converting.

Ekdahl says,
"You’re putting cleaner air out there and you’re recycling, this is used vegetable oil, it’s had its use in the restaurant industry it’s been collected and it’s being reused as a fuel."


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