Hybrid Conversion

Did you know it is not necessary to buy new vehicles to take advantage of the new lower cost and more environmentally friendly alternative fuels? In fact it is more environmentally conscious to convert rather than replace.

Green My Fleet is an official installer of EV Power Systems and Enginer Plug in Hybrid conversion solutions. We can help your organization convert your existing vehicles into more efficient hybrid plug in electric vehicles.

  • Electric Vehicle Power Systems   ( 2 Articles ) 

    EVPS has developed, tested and is taking orders for our commercial retrofit PHEV designed for pick-up trucks and cargo vans.  Unlike other companies, EVPS retrofits/converts existing trucks with an affordable, effective, technology neutral plug-in hybrid-electric drive system that does not require changes to the internal-combustion engine, transmission, vehicle support systems or emissions equipment.  See more photos of the light-duty hybrid system. Check out thebrochure for more information.

    • Retains engine, transmission, emissions equipment 
    • Retains factory systems — HVAC, power equipment, etc.
    • 25-40% improved mpg (est.) in start/stop driving
    • 25+% reduced tailpipe emissions
    • On-board charger — 120V/240V outlets
    • Vehicle continues to operate if hybrid system inoperable for some reason  
    • Hybrid systems transferable to another vehicle
    • One-day installation

          Chevrolet Colorado                                                             Chevrolet Silverado

    EVPS 100% Electric EcoVehicle 
    Limited Availability

    The Company is offering 100% battery powered vehicles using the dual-motor drive system.  The vehicle is ideal for lower-speed applications in the US in applications up to 45-50 mph (75-85 km).  For locations outside the US, vehicles can be shipped fully assembled, or partially assembled with final assembly at user’s location. See the brochure for more information.


    EVPS Retrofit Hybrid System – Refuse Truck
    Under development

    EVPS is working with two outside companies to help develop a hybrid drive for refuse trucks.  Refuse trucks are ideal candidates for hybrids.  In typical urban applicaitons, refuse trucks average 3 mpg or less and consume large amounts of fuel.  A municipal refuse truck driven 36,000 miles/year in start/stop conditions uses about 12,000 gallons of fuel.  Converting to hybrid saves 3,000 gallons of fuel.  EVPS is working toward having a development refuse truck in tests by 2010:Q4, possibly sooner.   

    EVPS Retrofit Hybrid System – Shuttle Buses
    Under development

    EVPS’ system can convert shuttle buses to hybrids.  An airport parking shuttle driver travels eight hours per day over the same 3-5 mile route with speeds of no more than 35 mph and  stopping 5-6 or more times per mile.  Our hybrid system increases fuel economy and decreases emissions for these high-profile vehicles.


    EVPS Powered Marine/Terminal Truck ("Yard Dog")
    Under considertion

    Trucks used in truck terminals or marine ports — a.k.a. "yard dogs" — are ideal for retrofit hybrids.  Yard dogs often average less than 3 miles per gallon and are frequently over-the-road tractors, near the end of service life.  Such vehicles are not well maintained and have extremely high emissions relative to miles traveled.  The company is in the initial stage of designing a yard dog with hybrid electric or 100% electric drive system.   Call or e-mail for more


    Our consulting team, sales engineers, and field technicians have the experience necessary to help you asses which fuel makes sense for your operation, develop an implementation strategy to assure a smooth transition, and convert your existing equipment to the appropriate alternative fuel.

    Our goal is to present you with alternative fuel options that will reduce your operations costs and your environmental impact. We realize that in today’s economy, reducing your fleet’s environmental impact only makes sense when it also reduces your overall operations cost. We look at our fleet relationships with the long term in mind and want to offer solutions that make sense for you, not what creates the highest value for us.

    Please enjoy the articles found below in this blog and don’t forget to subscribe to this page to get the latest fleet owner relevant  information regarding alternative fuel conversions, our free service to you to assure your organization is getting only “fleet ready” solution updates that can impact your bottom line and carbon footprint. If you would like to schedule a free feasibility consult please drop us a line through the contact us tab to schedule. To busy for a meeting in person? We also have free webinars available to help you decide for yourself what conversion makes sense for you and answer your initial questions, check the front page for dates that suite your schedule.

  • Enginer Prius PHEV System   ( 2 Articles ) 

    Green My Fleet and Team Enginer’s mission is to promote affordable automotive engine technologies that dramatically improve fuel efficiency to 100 MPG.

    The 100-year-old ICE technology seems aging due to its low thermal efficiency of merely 20% in typical cases. The rest 80% is dissipated into atmosphere primarily as waste heat.

    The Prius Plug In Conversion! Improve fuel efficiency to 100MPG!


    • Increase Fuel Efficiency by 40-100%
    • Save the Earth and Your Money
    • Long Cycle Life (2000 Cycles)
    • Latest Extremely Safe Lithium Phosphate Chemistry
    • Wide Range of Operating Temperature (-12F to 167F)
    • First PHEV Conversion Kit for both Prius Gen 1 & Gen 2 Vehicle
    • Very Competitive Pricing (Fraction of Our Competitor’s Price)
    • Return on Investment in 2-3 Years
    • Easy Installation in 2-3 hours
    • 10% Federal Tax Credit

    Specifications »

    Structure: Stainless steel enclosure box and battery frames.
    Posistion: On top of spare tire compartment. Trunk space reserved.
    Conversion Time: 2-4 hours
    Charge Time: 3 hours from any 110VAC outlet
    Battery Capacity:
    • 2kWh (for 10 miles): $1995
    • 4kWh (for 20 miles): $3495
    • DIY: No Batteries $995
    • Note:$1000 is added for California buyers due to CARB compliant cost (5 Year Warranty and certification cost).

    Voltage: 48 VDC nominal
    System Weight: 120 or 180 lbs with Lithium Ion batteries


    More Specs.

    • Sixteen 3.2V Cells in Series (48V Nominal)
    • Capacity: 2KWH
    • Weight: 75 lbs
    • Dimension: 22 in x 34 in x 8 in
    • Warranty: 2 Years
    • Battery Life Cycle: >2000 Times (80DOD%) > 3000 Times(70DOD%)
    • Low Battery Protection
    • Automatic Cell Balancing
    • Fit in compartment between spare tire and trunk floor. Preserve trunk space.
    • Charge Time: 3 Hours
    • Range: 10 Miles (Low Speed EV Mode), 20 Miles (Plugin Hybrid Mode) per charge. Switch back to normal mode after.

    This Conversion Kit Includes

    • Sixteen 40AH LiFePO4 Battery Cells
    • 48V 15A charger
    • Two 8-cell Battery Balancers / Monitors
    • 100A Circuit Breaker
    • On/Off Switch with Power and Battery Low Indicators
    • 120VAC Bumper Plug
    • Battery Enclosure
    • Smart DC/DC Converter and Controller
    • 4KWH (32 Cells) option is available with additional $999
    • BUY NOW! $1,995.00

    Click to Enlarge!

    The Energy Monitor Gallery (Illustration Only)

    Battery Drive

    Battery Drive

    PHEV Charge

    PHEV Charge

    PHEV Engine Drive Charge

    PHEV Engine Drive Charge

    PHEV Engine Motor Drive Charge

    PHEV Engine Motor Drive Charge

    PHEV Engine Motor Drive Charge 2

    PHEV Engine Motor Drive Charge 2

    PHEV Charge Full Power

    PHEV Charge Full Power

    PHEV Regen. Charge

    PHEV Regen Charge

  • Solar Hybrid   ( 1 Articles ) 
    solar golf cart hybrid

    Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of owning a solar golf cart with the Peel and Stick Roof Kit from Earth Care Products, Inc. This revolutionary new product offers an easy and affordable way for consumers to GO GREEN.

    No gas is required to run a solar cart. As gas prices go up and natural resources become more valuable, solar energy is no longer a convenience-it is now a necessity!

    You do not need to buy a complete new solar powered-cart. Just install our Break Through Technology,a Solar Cell Thin Film Peel and Stick, almost non breakable panel, installs directly on your existing golf cart roof for a fraction of the cost of a new cart and receive all the advantages of extended life of your batteries and tax rebates for going solar. The warranty for the solar roof panel is 3 YEARS.

    The Earth Care Solar Replacement Roof Kit:

    • Is easy to apply.
    • Saves money on electricity.
    • The payback for investing in a golf cart solar panel roof can be as little as two years.
    • Uses revolutionary flexible solar panels made with thin film amorphous silicon that are powerful, yet light and flexible.
    • Allows individuals to save even more money with tax credits for purchasing solar.
    • For every hour the golf cart solar panel roof is charging in peak sun, the original charge will maintain its distance, with one additional mile added when driving on flat terrain.
    • Can be used on any passenger size golf cart
    • Installs in minutes on existing golf cart tops
    • In most cases, can be applied permanently to your existing golf cart top

    The package consist of a Charge Controller which regulates voltage and prevents over charging. A pre-wired wiring harness, a peel and stick solar top with the simple installation instructions.


    Solar Golf Cart Roof Top Kit


    *Shipping options are available through UPS

    Wiring and Testing Instructions Download Flyer PDF Document

    Our Solar Panels

    • Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels – Do not break
    • Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels Produce Watts Constantly During Daylight
    • Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels Produce Watts From Artificial Lighting

    A key to Our Solar success was its ability to lay down three separate layers of amorphous silicon, each tuned to a different frequency of sunlight. This created a cell with three active semiconductor layers, called a “triple-junction” cell. The top active layer in a triple-junction cell captures a portion of the solar spectrum, and the remaining sunlight penetrates to the second layer, which captures another part of the solar spectrum, and likewise for the third and final layer. As a result, the cell converts more of the solar spectrum into electricity, achieving a higher conversion efficiency.

    PGA Merchandise Show Winner