Electric Vehicle Power Systems

EVPS has developed, tested and is taking orders for our commercial retrofit PHEV designed for pick-up trucks and cargo vans.  Unlike other companies, EVPS retrofits/converts existing trucks with an affordable, effective, technology neutral plug-in hybrid-electric drive system that does not require changes to the internal-combustion engine, transmission, vehicle support systems or emissions equipment.  See more photos of the light-duty hybrid system. Check out the brochure for more information.

  • Retains engine, transmission, emissions equipment 
  • Retains factory systems — HVAC, power equipment, etc.
  • 25-40% improved mpg (est.) in start/stop driving
  • 25+% reduced tailpipe emissions
  • On-board charger — 120V/240V outlets
  • Vehicle continues to operate if hybrid system inoperable for some reason  
  • Hybrid systems transferable to another vehicle
  • One-day installation

      Chevrolet Colorado                                                             Chevrolet Silverado

EVPS 100% Electric EcoVehicle 
Limited Availability

The Company is offering 100% battery powered vehicles using the dual-motor drive system.  The vehicle is ideal for lower-speed applications in the US in applications up to 45-50 mph (75-85 km).  For locations outside the US, vehicles can be shipped fully assembled, or partially assembled with final assembly at user’s location. See the brochure for more information.


EVPS Retrofit Hybrid System – Refuse Truck
Under development

EVPS is working with two outside companies to help develop a hybrid drive for refuse trucks.  Refuse trucks are ideal candidates for hybrids.  In typical urban applicaitons, refuse trucks average 3 mpg or less and consume large amounts of fuel.  A municipal refuse truck driven 36,000 miles/year in start/stop conditions uses about 12,000 gallons of fuel.  Converting to hybrid saves 3,000 gallons of fuel.  EVPS is working toward having a development refuse truck in tests by 2010:Q4, possibly sooner.   

EVPS Retrofit Hybrid System – Shuttle Buses
Under development

EVPS’ system can convert shuttle buses to hybrids.  An airport parking shuttle driver travels eight hours per day over the same 3-5 mile route with speeds of no more than 35 mph and  stopping 5-6 or more times per mile.  Our hybrid system increases fuel economy and decreases emissions for these high-profile vehicles.


EVPS Powered Marine/Terminal Truck ("Yard Dog")
Under considertion

Trucks used in truck terminals or marine ports — a.k.a. "yard dogs" — are ideal for retrofit hybrids.  Yard dogs often average less than 3 miles per gallon and are frequently over-the-road tractors, near the end of service life.  Such vehicles are not well maintained and have extremely high emissions relative to miles traveled.  The company is in the initial stage of designing a yard dog with hybrid electric or 100% electric drive system.   Call or e-mail for more


Our consulting team, sales engineers, and field technicians have the experience necessary to help you asses which fuel makes sense for your operation, develop an implementation strategy to assure a smooth transition, and convert your existing equipment to the appropriate alternative fuel.

Our goal is to present you with alternative fuel options that will reduce your operations costs and your environmental impact. We realize that in today’s economy, reducing your fleet’s environmental impact only makes sense when it also reduces your overall operations cost. We look at our fleet relationships with the long term in mind and want to offer solutions that make sense for you, not what creates the highest value for us.

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