Solar Hybrid

solar golf cart hybrid

Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of owning a solar golf cart with the Peel and Stick Roof Kit from Earth Care Products, Inc. This revolutionary new product offers an easy and affordable way for consumers to GO GREEN.

No gas is required to run a solar cart. As gas prices go up and natural resources become more valuable, solar energy is no longer a convenience-it is now a necessity!

You do not need to buy a complete new solar powered-cart. Just install our Break Through Technology,a Solar Cell Thin Film Peel and Stick, almost non breakable panel, installs directly on your existing golf cart roof for a fraction of the cost of a new cart and receive all the advantages of extended life of your batteries and tax rebates for going solar. The warranty for the solar roof panel is 3 YEARS.

The Earth Care Solar Replacement Roof Kit:

  • Is easy to apply.
  • Saves money on electricity.
  • The payback for investing in a golf cart solar panel roof can be as little as two years.
  • Uses revolutionary flexible solar panels made with thin film amorphous silicon that are powerful, yet light and flexible.
  • Allows individuals to save even more money with tax credits for purchasing solar.
  • For every hour the golf cart solar panel roof is charging in peak sun, the original charge will maintain its distance, with one additional mile added when driving on flat terrain.
  • Can be used on any passenger size golf cart
  • Installs in minutes on existing golf cart tops
  • In most cases, can be applied permanently to your existing golf cart top

The package consist of a Charge Controller which regulates voltage and prevents over charging. A pre-wired wiring harness, a peel and stick solar top with the simple installation instructions.


Solar Golf Cart Roof Top Kit


*Shipping options are available through UPS

Wiring and Testing Instructions Download Flyer PDF Document

Our Solar Panels

  • Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels – Do not break
  • Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels Produce Watts Constantly During Daylight
  • Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels Produce Watts From Artificial Lighting

A key to Our Solar success was its ability to lay down three separate layers of amorphous silicon, each tuned to a different frequency of sunlight. This created a cell with three active semiconductor layers, called a “triple-junction” cell. The top active layer in a triple-junction cell captures a portion of the solar spectrum, and the remaining sunlight penetrates to the second layer, which captures another part of the solar spectrum, and likewise for the third and final layer. As a result, the cell converts more of the solar spectrum into electricity, achieving a higher conversion efficiency.

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