Natural Gas

Did you know it is not necessary to buy new vehicles to take advantage of the new lower cost and more environmentally friendly alternative fuels? In fact it is more environmentally conscious to convert rather than replace.

The rising cost of gasoline and diesel fuel is prompting many people to investigate options to retrofit (“convert”) their car or pick-up truck to run either (1) solely on natural gas, which is referred to as “dedicated” or (2) to run on gasoline OR natural gas, which EPA refers to as “dual-fuel” although the worldwide accepted nomenclature for such vehicles is “bi-fuel.” All systems and system installers must be certified to engage in CNG retrofits. EPA’s current guidance on the use of aftermarket conversion systems is available here:

To prevent safety and emission non-compliance, anyone who manufacturers, installs or sells a non-certified system runs the risk of being found guilty of tampering and could face serous fines. The EPA certification requirements apply to all alternative fuel vehicle retrofit systems including natural gas, propane, methanol, ethanol and/or hydrogen retrofit systems.

Green My Fleet has ASE certified natural gas conversion technicians who can help your organization convert your existing vehicles to run on Compressed Natural Gas alternative fuel. We have relationships with several conversion system providers and our consulting team, sales engineers, and field technicians have the experience necessary to help you asses which solutions makes sense for your operation, develop an implementation strategy to assure a smooth transition, and convert your existing equipment to the appropriate alternative fuel.

Our goal is to present you with alternative fuel options that will reduce your operations costs and your environmental impact. We realize that in today’s economy, reducing your fleet’s environmental impact only makes sense when it also reduces your overall operations cost. We look at our fleet relationships with the long term in mind and want to offer solutions that make sense for you, not what creates the highest value for us.

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