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Commercial Applications

Major food distributor’s truck converted to duel fuel – Diesel & 100% Vegetable oil Biofuel

Would you like to operate your fleet at a 10-15% discount from the current price of diesel? Even better, how would you like to celebrate rising oil prices knowing it further increases your cost advantage over the competition? Green My Fleet can save your operation 10-15% to start or even more on your current fleet operation costs.  Regardless of the price of diesel, our system technology along with our consulting services can not only lower your expenses but also help create a green image for your organization and assist you in capitalizing on tax benefits and carbon credits.

Commercial systems are divided between Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Class – 8  applications based on maximum potential fuel demands. Heavy duty commercial systems use our large valve systems and components while Medium duty trucks use or medium duty valves and components. Both are fully automated using the same software so operation by the drivers from one vehicle to another is the same. As a fleet operator, it is important to have a 100% up time and a reliable solution with a warranty to back it up; only Green My Fleet can provide you with that. So call us today to learn more.

Medium and Heavy Duty Commercial Systems

Modern commercial diesel engines have complex fuel delivery systems that require stringent tolerances for operation. Because of this, 100% vegetable oil Biofuels cannot be run straight without fuel system modification or modifying the fuel into Biodiesel. This is especially true in cold climates where even Biodiesel cannot be run at 100% reliably. Our dual fuel (Diesel/biofuel) conversions allow diesel trucks and equipment to use 100% Biofuels such as Sunshine Renewable Diesel  (SRD) or B100 Biodiesel as their primary fuel in any condition. This system operates by switching between the factory diesel fuel system and the Biofuel System at the appropriate times, to ensure long engine life and reliability. By switching between the two fuels, our duel fuel systems overcome the issues associated with running plant oils, Sunshine Renewable Diesel, or B100 Biodiesel straight which could damages injection systems and/or creates reliability issues.

In addition the systems applies recaptured engine heat to the Biofuels in the tank, in the fuel line, and in the Biofuel filters. This heat allows the Biofuel to flow like diesel reducing stress on injector pumps. When introduced to the fuel injectors at this temperature, proper fuel atomization and combustion occurs preventing cylinder build up or coking as well. Our systems are the only systems in the US designed especially for commercial engines and our steel switching valves have been in service in Germany for several years producing over $101,000,000 in equivalent fleet fuel savings and 120,000,000 tons of Co2 emission reduction.

We have found there are significant variances between commercial trucks. Some of the conversions we have done in this category include box trucks, flatbeds, refrigeration setups, dump trucks, drill platforms, tankers, and even roll back towing rigs. While these setups vary how complex the installation is, the quality base components we install are constant.


Green My Fleet Components: Our Commercial Quality Sets us Apart

Automated Fuel Controller (AFC)

With the Green My Fleet AFC, all system controls and fuel switching are controlled automatically by a computer. The computer’s sensor array constantly monitors engine and fuel conditions and eliminates almost all common user mistakes that have made running 100% Biofuels unreliable in the past. The operators interaction is only required to fill up the tanks and change filters from time to time when prompted by the AFC. The operator has nothing new to learn. The AFC does the rest. Best of all, it will eliminate the most common form of operator induced error that occurs when a hot engine is shut down on 100% vegetable oil based Biofuel. The AFC protects engines by purging the Biofuel from the engine when you turn your engine off automatically preventing rough starts and effecting reliability.

Green Fleet Mil-Spec Biofuel Filter

Was developed based for the US Navy and exceeds all competitors performance in the biofuel market. The filter housing is steel with a powder-coated finish making it the most robust commercial diesel engine filter on the market today. Overtime the proprietary development of this filter has led to the most reliable and longest filter life in the industry. The filter will hold 5-7 lbs of particulate. The Green Fleet filter also prevents the passing of suspended water in itscoalescing section, which can trap up to 4 quarts of water. This protects the engine against free water that can build up from condensation of a large heated tank. No one in the world offers this filter to biofuel customers. Filter life is monitored from inside the helm on the digital AFC to predict change times and warn drivers of bad fuel quality in advance it traveling to the engine.

Fuel Control Valves

The valves are the heart of our commercial system. We built them so robust they carry a lifetime warranty. They will handle the fuel demands of any diesel engine that you can mount them to from Semi Tractor to locomotive and they are an exclusive product available only from Golden Fuel Systems. Lesser more restrictive fuel systems can damage injector pumps and other expensive equipment. Green My Fleet will never compromise engine longevity for lower cost component pricing.

Quadruple Bypass Hose

Quadruple Bypass Biofuel hose consists of two 1/2"coolant hoses, a 3/8" or 1/2" 100% Biofuel rated TRANSPARENTmain fuel line, and a 3/8 or 5/16" Biofuel Return line all bundled together in a rubberized PVC sheath. This PVC sheath bundles the Biofuel line with hot coolant lines allowing for maximized heat transfer to the fuel line as well as protection against chaffing. This is produced exclusively for GFS and meets our rigorous standards as well as DOT and Marine CFR standards. This hose keeps 100% Biofuels hot from the tank to the engine even in -30 degree weather. The wiring for the tank sending units and other related components is also inside the bundle preventing wire chaffing and easy installation. The TRANSPARENT fuel line makes finding leaks a 1 minute process rather than a 1 hour process. Even the operator can do it.

Biofuel Tank Heater

Tank heaters convert existing belly fuel tanks or bulk stationary tanks to be used with 100% vegetable oil based Biofuels like Sunshine Renewable Dieselor B100 Biodiesel so you do not have to buy an additional tank. This coolant-heated fuel pick-up accelerates switch-over times by using waste heat from the engine coolant to maintain Biofuel temperatures. The stainless steel tube not only heats the oil as it is drawn up through the fuel pick-up, but also heats the tank as it radiates heat outward. In large tanks, we also use electricity generated by the generator to heat supply lines and custom insulation to retain heat in Biofuel Tank.



Installations start at $1,950.00 for an Automated System and increase as additional options are selected.


Medium Duty Commercial conversions: Vehicles that potentially get more than 10 MPG under full load or less than 250 bhp.

System with Components start at 2,300.00 + $660 for automation

Heavy Duty Commercial Conversions: Vehicles that potentially get less than 10 MPG under full load or greater than 250 bhp

System with Components start at $2,961 + $660 for automation

Professional  Warranty and Support Nationally

We warranty our work 100% when using our conversion technology and Sunshine Renewable Diesel or B100 Biodiesel. Green My Fleet technicians are experienced in the automotive and diesel repair industry and travel to many states or Nations to service your vessel and answer questions as they arise. Let our professional staff assist you. We also ship quality Biofuel’s to guarantee outcomes for your Biofuel project. If you are interested in an extended service contract for your converted diesel we have that too. No other company does that.