American Luxo-cruisers are making a comeback. And Chrysler is paving the way with the 300C.

 With the help of the urban culture and hip-hop music, the idea of bigger is better, has made its return. And in what better country than the U.S.A. can you find rides that exemplify this thinking? In the land where most things are large, even the servings at the local fast food joint pushes the limits of proper portions.

Ok, though the 300C is large, that’s only by comparison to the usual Japanese fare of luxury vehicles. In reality, it’s not that big at all. When compared to BMW 5-Series, the Chrysler is just about at par in size.

So, what was it like to ride such a vehicle? To be honest, given its extroverted styling, I felt like a rap star in a music video. Everywhere I drove it, I could see the eyes of bystanders turn to soak up the presence of the 300C.

From the inside, the leather interior surrounds you and its cent just oozes the sense of luxury. Every part has a touch of class. Unfortunately, there are still bits here and there that remind you this still an American car and not a Euro-flash limo. Like the tacky blue-green digital displays… Hadn’t those gone out of style in the eighties? Despite that, everything about the 300C is spot on.

The ride of the car is reminiscent of the Lincoln Town car. It doesn’t wallow as much but it was close. The Chrysler 300C is more refined and controlled in the suspension department. A bit soft in the damper department, but it only makes itself know when pushed hard. But in cruise mode, which this car is designed for, the settings are just right. And the 250HP six makes more than enough torque to belie the heft of this luxo-cruiser. The 5 –speed automatic tranny responds quickly but with silky smoothness. Though, I didn’t see much point to the manual mode in a car like this, it worked pretty well.


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