Imported Oils & Feedstocks

Are you looking for plant oil feedstock for your biodiesel plant or to run in your diesel equipment that has been converted to run on Straight Vegetable Oils (SVO) but having a hard time sourcing oil for reasonable prices inside the US or are you unfamiliar with sources of bulk oils outside the US?

Regardless of the industry you participate in the realities of a global economy are present and companies that can source materials less expensively than their competitors outside our borders operate at a significant cost advantage over those that don’t. This knowledge does not come quickly, easily, or cheap.

We at Green My Fleet understand the frustration and economic difficulties that unreliable or overpriced vegetable oil resources create for fleet owners and fuel manufacturers alike. With more than 25 years experience in international trade around the world, Green My Fleet can help your organization source the imported oils you need to save money in your Biofuel venture and reduce your company’s expenses.

jatropha plant farming cetral america

Jatropha Field Centeral America

We are currently working with farmers in the US, India, UK, Central America, South America, and Asia to deliver well priced high quality shipments of Jatropha, Palm, Soy, and other refined virgin vegetable oils to fleet owners and fuel makers. In addition we can also provide the coveted DIN V 51605 standard fuel quality Pure Plant Oils (PPO) that Europeans have been using in their diesels for more than 10 years.

jatropha seed south america

Jatropha Fruit Before Harvest


In addition to our experience, we offer guaranteed and insured product delivery from abroad to your door using the most established shippers, inspectors, and underwriters in the industry which we have developed personal as well as professional relationships with over the years.

To learn more about our trading terms and conditions, please check out the articles below, we also provide more information on international trade for those of you that are completely new to the concept. You can also download an irrevocable Purchase order, Letter of Credit Check list, and other documents you will need to do international business with Green My Fleet.

biodiesel oil truck delivery

Flexi Bulk Oil Container

If you would like a soft quote for delivery, click on the contact us tab form for fuel delivery quote. We also have free webinars available to help you decide for yourself what conversion makes sense for you and answer your initial questions, check the front page for dates that suite your schedule.