Sunshine Renewable Diesel – Save Real Dollars

Sunshine Renewable Diesel – Save Real Dollars

Sunshine Renewable Diesel (SRD)

SRD is refined from used cooking oil gathered in the Florida, the Sunshine State. Sunshine Renewable Diesel fuel meets critical Diesel standards (ASTM D396) and many Biofuel standards (ASTM 6751). Its primary difference is in viscosity or the thickness of the fuel at room temperature, which is about 5 times greater than Biodiesel. This thickness can be overcome by delivering the fuel to the engine at 85 – 100 degrees C to the most diesel engines or even industrial boilers and burners. Ready to save 5-10% on your diesel expenses today?

Slow, Medium Speed, and Industrial boilers or Burners:

It can be used as a neat fuel for off road applications with Slow, Medium Speed, diesel engines without any special treatment. This includes power plants, trains, and many large marine commercial vessels.

High Speed Diesel Engines (RPM > 1,000)

It can be used with most High speed diesel engines like passenger vehicles, buses, trucks, pleasure craft, generators and yachts when a duel fuel (Diesel/Biofuel) conversion is installed.

We can deliver large or small quantities of SRD fuel for your burners, boilers, or diesel equipment anywhere in the Florida. We can also deliver blended fuel with 95% diesel and 5% SRD to enhance the lubricity of ULSD Diesel while reducing harmful emissions profile, carbon profile,  and the expense of fuel.

sunshine renewable diesel

Sunshine Renewable Diesel Product Specifications:


API Gravity @ 60 degrees F                                      22.0                        ASTM D – 287

Ash, %                                                                   <.005                            ASTM D – 482

BTU/Gal                                                                  130,253                        ASTM D – 240

BTU/Lb                                                                   16,916                          ASTM D – 240

Carbon,%                                                                   77.9                           ASTM D – 5291

Flash Point, degrees F                                              334                               ASTM D – 93

Hydrogen %                                                                 11.4                         ASTM D – 5291

Nitrogen %                                                                 <0.10                          ASTM D-5291

Oxygen,%                                                                     0.7                             ASTM D – 537

Pounds Per Gallon                                                   7.685                                    Calculated

Sulfur, %                                                                   <0.0004                            ASTM 0-1 552

Viscosity, Kinematic CSTS @ 40 C                             36.59                             ASTM 0 – 445

Viscosity, Kinematic CSTS @ 100 C                             8.13                              ASTM 0 – 445

Flash Point, Closed Cup (C)                                           168                                  ASTM D93

Water & Sediment (vol %)                                               0.2                               ASTM D2709

Viscosity @ 40 degrees (cst)                                       37.86                               ASTM D445

Copper Corrosion (rating)                                                1a                               ASTM D130

Cetane Index                                                                   44                              Observed



Sunshine Renewable Diesel is manufactured from waste vegetable oil collected and processed in the US it is an ideal fuel for alternative fuel to reduce your local carbon footprint and save you money on diesel expenses. It complies with stipulations for sustainability set out in the Renewable Energy Credit criteria and is the most patriotic way to create jobs, save your fleet operation money, and reduce your impact on the environment.

Sunshine Renewable Diesel Fuel Benefits:

  • Has the same heating value as Diesel #2 Fuel
  • Does not emit Sulfer Dioxide (So2)
  • 79% Less Co2
  • 40% less carbon monoxide
  • Meets or exceeds air quality requirements
  • Recycled product from waste material
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM D396 Renewable requirement Specifications

Inquire today to get a quote on delivery to your area. Long term contracts available at bulk volumes.