Waste Oil Collection Consulting

Waste Oil Collection Consulting Service

Does your food preparation or processing company have waste vegetable oil as one of its by products? Do you own a restaurant that fries food and desire to receive top dollar for your waste oil? How do you know who you can trust for frequent service and good value?

Green My Fleet will manage your waste oil collections for you and guarantee the highest value for your waste oil in your market. Why sign a 5 year contract at a price when you can have someone constantly searching rendering companies for the best offer and getting you the best value. We guarantee the best market pricing and service or we will pay you the difference. Stop loosing thousands of dollars per month or year!

Interested in utilizing your own waste oil stream for your own energy or transportation needs? Green My Fleet can help your organization develop a complete alternative fuels manufacturing plan from feed stock refining, to processing, to dispensing and even reselling your manufactured fuels. Whether you are interested in Biofuel, Biodiesel, or Ethanol there are solutions for any scale of operation and we have business cases to prove our results.

Our consulting team, sales engineers, and field technicians have the experience necessary to help you asses which alternative fuel fuel makes sense for your operation, develop an implementation strategy to assure a smooth transition, and convert your existing equipment to the appropriate alternative fuel.

Please enjoy the articles found below in this blog and don’t forget to subscribe to this page to get the latest fleet owner relevant information regarding alternative fuel conversions, our free service to you to assure your organization is getting only “fleet ready” solution updates that can impact your bottom line and carbon footprint. If you would like to schedule a free feasibility consult please drop us a line through the contact us tab to schedule. To busy for a meeting in person? We also have free webinars available to help you decide for yourself what conversion makes sense for you and answer your initial questions, check the front page for dates that suite your schedule.