Driver Economy Training

 It is proven that drivers who change their driving habits to maximize fuel economy can see improvements up to 37% per gallon of fuel. But can you really teach an old driver new tricks?

Driver Training 

With Green My Fleet you can not only teach a driver to operate equipment more efficiently but you can make it a fun and financially rewarding challenge.

Getting drivers to operate the vehicles more efficiently requires real-time vehicle feedback to the driver, accurate fuel and vehicle operation tracking, and a well crafted incentive to create driver buy in. Green My Fleet can help you design and implement programs that will work using tools like the Watch Dog.

BUlly DOg Watch Dog


Watch Dog Driver Coach

The watch dog information is gathered from the sensors that each vehicle is equipped with from the factory. Information is gathered during operation in real time, the software then process the information. As the information is processed, it is then used to serve as a Driving Coach guiding the vehicle’s driver to the most efficient, economical driving techniques in order to maximize fuel economy.

The Watchdog becomes a very valuable tool as a Driving Coach. A priority in today’s market place is saving fuel, getting every last tenth of a mile out of the fuel in the tank. The Watchdog features software that tracks the driver’s habits behind the wheel. As these habits show themselves, the software calculates the best remedy and then notifies the driver. As a Driving Coach the Watchdog will recommend and suggest different driving methods to the user in real time as conditions and habits become apparent.

For instance, If the driver of the vehicle is repeatedly waiting until the last minute before applying the brakes before coming to a stop, the software will recognize this and then advise the driver how they can improve their braking method and their fuel mileage.

 With our tools and programs your drivers will learn to enjoy operating safer and more efficiently by learning to:

  • Accelerate smoothly and slowly
  • Reduce idle time
  • Not exceed the speed limit
  • Gently accelerate before hills and lift off throttle just before cresting
  • Coast down hills and slight grades
  • Brake only when necessary and more gradually extending pad life
  • Slow before entering a curve by decelerating or downshifting
  • Anticipate traffic flow and traffic signals
  • Yield the right of way to aggressive drive


 Our goal is to provide, install, and train your staff on technologies that will reduce your current fuel consumption. We realize that in today’s economy, reducing your fleet’s environmental impact only makes sense when it also reduces your overall operations cost. We look at our fleet relationships with the long term in mind and want to offer solutions that make sense for you, not what creates the highest value for us. Let us show you some of these simple devices that can be incorporated into incentive programs for fleet drivers that will actually work today!

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