Fleet Routing & GPS Tracking

Fleet Routing & GPS Tracking

Let’s face it, by efficient routing and driving techniques fleets can reduce typical fuel consumption by more than 33%. GPS tracking is the best tool for managers to measure improvements.

Green My Fleet offers GPS Fleet Solutions products that give drivers, dispatchers, and managers the tools they need to manage distribution simply with the information they need to reduce cost, risk, and driver management.


GPS Fleet Solutions systems can benefit fleet owners through:

  • Live vehicle tracking allowing you to see where your vehicles are and what they are doing at any time through any computer or your iphone
  • Email and SMS alerts can alerts automatically anytime that an exception is triggered like driver speeding or off route
  • Google maps with live traffic, satellite, street level and terrain is the base of tracking and routing maps
  • Driver safety: view harsh breaking, after hours driving, speeding, zone violations
  • Driver "Green" programs: measure and view idle time, speed control, miles driven data, maintenance
  • Driver alert buzzer: warns driver when speeding, excess idle time, over rev, auxiliary activity, etc
  • Driver specific information using key fobs (optional) for shared vehicles
  • Up to 8 PTO/auxiliary inputs to monitor seatbelts, pumps, motors, doors, etc
  • Driver dispatcher communication through gps device
  • Extensive reports: Congregation, Risk Management, Customer Visit, Exceptions

Here are some images of the system in action and the hardware that makes it happen. Contact Green My Fleet today to have a GPS Fleet Solution tailored for your budget and operations. Well even show you how quickly you will get your return on investment.


 In Cab GPS unit displaying turn by turn navigation


GPS Driver Display texting response to dispatch

Garmin GPS two way communication fleet
Dispatch view of vehicle location with Google enhanced street level views
 GPS vehicle tracking
Easy to read and review fleet reports
Idle Time Tracking
iPhone Compatible Tracking System
fleet tracking on iphone
 Fleet vehicle tracking view on iPhone
iphone vehicle tracking on map
GPS fleet solution tracking module before vehicle installation 
GPS live tracking hardware